Why Buy Clucky Farm Eggs?

  1. Our eggs come from happy, healthy, clucky hens.
  2. Free range, all-natural eggs are healthier for you.  Our eggs are large and brown with rich yolks that are bright in color.  Our hens are fed and all-natural, non-GMO, locally produced diet, with supplements high in Omega-3s.  The birds are also allowed to free-range and consume wild plants and insects.  We do not use hormones or other medicines in our egg-layers.  We also do not use any pesticides or herbicides on our pastures.
  3. Our eggs are fresh- and do not expire until 6 weeks after you receive them.
  4. When you buy from us, you help to support a small family farm.
  5. Our eggs come from happy, healthy, clucky hens.  (Intentionally repeated…)