About the Farm

IMG_4387Our hens sure are cLUCKY to live on our farm because we take care to ensure they are as happy and healthy as possible! We do things ALL-NATURAL to produce healthy eggs from happy hens.

We are a small farm run by a husband-wife team in Lawrenceburg, KY.  We keep about 150-200 hens and a few roosters.  They are housed in a spacious barn and given access to several acres of pasture daily.  Although they eat many insects and wild plants out on the pasture, we do feed them a vegetarian, non-GMO, locally produced feed.  We also grow “treats” for them in our garden, which is all natural (no pesticides or herbicides used).

Our eggs are guaranteed fresh- much fresher than what you buy at the grocery store. Our birds are afforded plenty of space- much more than commercial standards.  We monitor their health and social interactions daily to ensure they have comfortable lives.  We do not use antibiotics or medications on our birds, except on the rare occasion that oneIMG_4227 may become ill.  Any sick birds are taken out of egg production, quarantined and treated medically and by natural means for their ailment.

Our big white guard dog helps to bark away natural predators and protect our flock.

We sell fresh eggs (minimum orders apply), hatching eggs, baby chicks, and baby peafowl.  We also have all-natural whole chickens (for meat) seasonally available.  If you live in the Lawrenceburg or Frankfort, KY area, and are interested in purchasing our eggs or meat, please see our page on how to order eggs or how to buy our meat.